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    After some help here,

    There was a track that came with a version of Virtual DJ mid 2006 and all i can remember is that it was called "Freedom".

    It had a black female vocalist, very chilled sounding with a nice bass kick.

    The lyrics went something like:
    "They call it freedom oh freedom"
    "We're free to lie we're free to kill"
    "We're free to laugh, do what we will"
    "They call it freedom oh freedom"

    i also remember the words "In this life there noway to....."

    Really hope someone could put me out of my misery with this one ! It would be a massive find if so!

    It did come free with Virtual DJ early to mid 2006.
    Any help would be fantastic, thanks.

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    That my friend is a massive find ! That's the one how on earth did you find that ? I have been searching for that for nearly 12 years ! Honestly mate you are a legend can't thank you enough.

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