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Thread: From Danny Tenaglia @ Full Circle 1993 - vocal house

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    Default From Danny Tenaglia @ Full Circle 1993 - vocal house


    Can anyone please help to id this old vocal house tune?
    It's off of Danny Tenaglia @ Full Circle, from 1993.

    The full sets here to download if anyone wants it : )

    Thanks in advance House heads
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    Hi all, posted this one around 4 mnths back; wondered if any fresh ears can please give it a listen? Very prominent vocal, sure someone will know this, from 92/93. Cheers

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    Wow no one has been able to ID this one. The only other DJ I heard play this back then was Tony Humphries on a KISS-FM mastermix show.

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    Stick the set in YouTube too, I’ve id’d a few unknown on there that YouTube has picked up when it scans the tracks for copyright etc
    Ole git still loving music!

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