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Thread: Hi all, any ideas on the 1st track on link. Has Strings of life sample?

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    Default Hi all, any ideas on the 1st track on link. Has Strings of life sample?

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    Looks from the centre label like it's an early Deconstruction release.

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    Thanks bud, but that's Annette; Dream Slumber, from Dream 17. That's the track being mixed in.

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    I'm too distracted by a very young Micky Finn throwing shapes in the background at 1:30

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    I think it's the Corporation Dub of I Heard a Rumour by Bananarama (NANEX 19).

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    Cheers bud, I'll have to track down copy as only version on YouTube has Bananarama vocals on it; but I want the instrumental version. Thanks again Z

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    You're welcome mate. If you search Bananarama Corporation on YouTube, the top 2 videos are it. It's also on Discogs for about 2.

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    That should have said Bananarama Corporation Dub - videos by 80smusicremixes and 88ster are the ones to look out for.

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    Found it: who'd have thought "Bananarama" but then back then lots were doing dub/acid mixes & good as well!
    Don't know if you saw this, but I'm also looking for

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    I had seen it - I think it's on a longer video too. I don't recognise it but I thought the record with the black label was on Fourth Floor records or Nu Groove (old style label). The white one seems to be on GMR.

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    With recognition going to lewysg241 on YouTube who id'd the tune as an italo disco tune called Love Supreme from 1985.

    the GMR is in fact GMM (Giivanotti Mondani Meccanici) with Alexander Robotnik- Love Supreme on a 3 track 12" from Fuzz Dance (it's on Discogs). It's also on YouTube (seach Alexander Robotnik, Love Supreme)

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    Hi Simont, great track! I already have Problems d'amour, I should have checked his other stuff? Thx for that. By-the-way how did you Find this? In the message boards on Yt?

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    You're welcome! I managed to pause the video at the right place and saw it was GMM rather than GMR. I added a comment to the YT video and luckily Lewis confirmed the artist and name. With that it was a quick check on Discogs to confirm the other details.

    Lewis has apparently spoken to Eddie Richards about the black label track but even he can't remember what it is!

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    Eddie Richards messaged me back on FB with the same reply... The hunt continues
    This one's a long shot from another of my enigmas at 1:58 an old Balearic track with "Welcome to metro message"? Any ideas?

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    Sorry mate - can't id that one. I'm pretty
    sure it's an Italian release by the sound of it though. May be worth putting it on as an Italian House 89 post - I'm sure the Italo heads will know what it is.

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