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Thread: 1990 - played by Humphries & Konders - samples Sandee

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    Default 1990 - played by Humphries & Konders - samples Sandee

    Hi all,
    Not totally new here but i lost my old pw, previously there as 'Idancetoomuch'.

    So, it seems i'm out of juice to find the track you can find here, starting around the 32:35 mark :

    This mix is from Bobby Konders but i heard it on a Tony Humphries mix from the same years (89 or 90), i could try to find it back, heard it on mixesdb.

    The only thing i'm sure of is that it samples Sandee.

    I've read it could be the basement boys, but couldn't find anything. Spent some years trying to get info, no clue whatsoever, no label, no artist, no remixer, nuffin'!

    I had some convos with people, including djs, who lived this era in the clubs where Tony and Bobby played, but this one is unknown.

    So... What say you?
    Thanks in advance for your tries and help!


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