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Thread: Zone At The Venue Volume 9

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    Default Zone At The Venue Volume 9

    Can anybody help me remember the name of the track at 12.40? Cheers

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    This is tracklisting for the tape Zone at the venue vol 9

    PCP "Music is my Life"
    Maxim "Let me feel the groove"
    Max & Frank Minio "Forgive Forgotten"
    Dynamic Base "Make me wonder"
    Shalimar "Your Heartbeat"
    Beat Pressure "On the Dancefloor"
    Horos "Keep on"
    Da Blitz "Take my Way" Remix
    Chase "Take my Soul"
    DJH Feat Stefy "My Body" Remix
    Huirricane "Power to Jump"
    Dilemma "Sound of Magic"
    Valley 68 "Its gonna be love"
    Sam Pagnanni presents Romeo Blues "That Music"
    Omnia Tria "Can't stop the Moving"

    Side 2
    Humanize "Take me to your heart"
    Synthesis "Your Fantasy"
    BFI "Fiction"
    Dynatec "Get up (Fires burning)"
    501 "Inside"
    Love 4 Sale "Midnight"
    Systematic "Love is the Answer"
    Ultimate Buzz "Check da bass"
    JT Company "Live my life" Hard Remix
    Soulmasters "We've got energy"
    Diamonds "Do it 4 love"
    Mephisto "You got me burnin up"
    Zero PH "I like the music"
    Channel X "Take it to the top"
    Rimini "Its got to be real"
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    Cheers Brady, i've still got this on CD which i bought from Townsend Records in Chorley years ago. Was listening to it last week and have lost the inlay, it's been bugging me for a week, the joys of lockdown.

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