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Thread: DONE or COMPLETE ???

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    Question DONE or COMPLETE ???

    Hey is there away to EDIT your own TOPIC TITLE to
    [DONE] or [COMPLETE] ???
    or even delete your own topic?

    Because i check reguraly and click lots of time the same topic, or sometimes all ID's are allready found.
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    only admin can change the thread title, if users update their first post as the IDs come in, makes it easier to see whats still needed

    @ ThaMan click 'New Posts' below the tuneID logo, it lists all new/updated posts since your last visit, much quicker than checking all the sections for new posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaMan View Post
    delete your own topic?
    That would be counter productive, for example if someone wanted a tracklist, for example DJ SY @ Dreamscape 4, if once the tracklist was completed it was deleted then any future members looking for that (even via Google) would have to start another thread - hope that makes sense

    Even though members cannot edit thread titles they can always edit the actual post they made to include


    at the top of the post
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