Ok just because I have just found out a title for a track I posted nearly 7 years ago I might try my luck with this one again.

The main thing I can really remember was a Time stretched vocal breakdown which was all the rage around 95' 96 (similar to the vocals of CJ bolland sugar is sweeter or RIP groove etc)

So the vocal contained something along the lines of "I'm the biggest OR baddest rapper there has ever been" all sort of time stretched out.

I am pretty sure it was female rap style but the track was a 4 to the floor track - could have been a bit handbag house, but honestly can't remember much else as it was all about the breakdown.

Came out around 95' and heard it in Vague in Leeds. Which suits the post as it is all a bit vague!

If anyone has got any ideas it would be muchos appreciated.