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Thread: 3 more 91 ids please...doc scott tape 1991

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    Default 3 more 91 ids please...doc scott tape 1991

    Any help much needed thanks, this is my mates tape of doc scott recorded at man parris`s gaff in 1991

    13mins 22secs

    23mins 46secs

    28mins 57secs
    sample1 - (sample)
    1 hour 27min 48secs on my mates ss 1990 tape -

    thanks in advance
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    Taken from Nebkins post - Doc Scott - Truth & Reality Tape

    Same unknowns by the look of it & would love to find 23:45 myself

    Doc Scott

    Friends, Lovers & Family Children's Stories
    Unknown Artist Danger (A1)
    Underkut Mindless Music (Fusion Mix)
    Z-Formation Oh
    N.A.M. Recycler (Club Mix)
    MK13 Is Anybody Out There?
    Unknown Artist ?? 16:50
    Unknown Artist ?? 19:45
    Dragon Fly Visions Of Rage (Original Mix)
    Unknown Artist ?? 24:50
    Unknown Artist ?? 27:15
    Problem House The Party Zone
    Unknown Artist ?? 32:20
    Vicious Circle In My Heart In My Soul
    Underground Resistance Method Of Force
    F.U.S.E. Substance Abuse
    Pallas Are You In Heaven?
    The Beginning Love II Love (Let The Bass Kick)
    The Cleptomaniacs Eros (Fun City Stereo-Type Mix)
    Mark One Hoovers + Spraycans (Mix 1)
    N.A.M. Black Corridor (Club Mix)
    Doc Scott Surgery Remix
    T.Allen & O.Walters On De Ball (Shaking A Fierce One Mix)
    Terra Incognita Alien Element (UK Mix)
    SL2 DJ's Take Control (Original Version)
    3 Down Deep Trip (Which Mix?)
    The Cleptomaniacs Technophobic Lisa
    Unknown Artist ?? 1:18:15
    Underground Resistance The Punisher
    The Sounds Of Silence Much Too Much
    The Future Sound Of London Papua New Guinea (12" Original)
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    Nice1 thanks again mate i think we`re following each other around what a bugger there unknowns, grrr

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    just added 2 more ids needed please thanks

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    Links dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by neowave View Post
    Links dead
    All but one have been IDed

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