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Thread: One for the Ska conaisseurs

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    Maybe it's not the right place for this kind of tune, maybe it is... so, let's see if ayone can help me out...

    The tune I'm looking for is an original Jamaican ska tune probably from the 60's.

    The verion I post here is actually overdubbed by a Belgian soundsystem host/dj but I'm looking for the name and author of the original instrumental that's playing. Maybe there's an original vocal one too but I don't know.

    If you don't know the ska version, you might know the original version of the track the ska version is based on.
    The name of that or any other known version is good too, I can dig deeper with that.

    It's one of those earwurms almost everybody has heard in one version or another but i just can't name it.

    Here it is.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The original version is a classical piece, Amilcare Ponchielli - Dance of the Hours

    Here's a Jamaican version but not the same as your clip:

    Good luck, hope this helps.

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    Yes! Thanks! Immediately found the ska version now... It's by the skatalites..... and the classical piece, well ofcourse... I feel like a cowboy looking for his horse while riding it... lol

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