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Thread: White label 12" i have / please identify

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    Default White label 12" i have / please identify

    Hi all - i know that there are many savvy house/garage/deephouse heads amongst you all here, so thought id give it a shot - i have a 12" record that I purchased between 92 - 94, and still have no clue who/what it is - i just recorded all 6 individual tracks off it on my phone // they are all on the one mp3

    edit: forgot to mention its a white label promo copy :P
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    I think it might be a white label of this

    Red 2 Go ‎ E.P.

    At least some of the tracks are the same.

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    of course you are on here too

    and amazing, nicely found ! thx

    mine has clean white labels, though it has europadisk etched on the record, and i think its also w-09, but ill check tomorrow in the daylight !

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