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Thread: Chillout/Ambient track, played in 1995 by PvD

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    Default Chillout/Ambient track, played in 1995 by PvD


    Anybody knows this great tune? I'm looking for it for some time now, but with no success. Any info would be greatly appreciated, so even if you don't know the track, but something comes to your mind - please post it

    Thanks in advance, guys
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    Hey Chiz,

    thanks a lot for your reply Unfortunately, that's neither of these tracks. But thanks anyway, that album is very good and thanks to you I 'discovered' some new tunes.
    So the search continues.
    Anymore guesses?

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    Bump. Still looking for it - I only managed to find someone who recognizes it, but doesn't know the title or artist...

    It's an awesome tune for me.

    So, I'm counting on you.


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    Any more ideas? Still looking for this awesome track.


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    Default Another try - higher quality sample

    Guys, I've just uploaded a different sample, from different set. As it turned out, the track was played in 1994 for the first time, so it's earlier than I thought.

    Any ideas?
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    I feel like I've heard it before, but I can't tell what track exactly that is for the life of me. Maybe it'll come to me.

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    Hi there Rassil,

    sorry for delay in replying, I had trouble accessing the forum recently (now resolved). Thanks for listening - let me know when you remember something. Any hints appreciated, sometimes even something not obviously connected at first can help.


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