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Thread: Lisa Pinup mix - Hard House/Bounce IDs

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    Default Lisa Pinup mix - Hard House/Bounce IDs

    Cannot find ID for these anywhere, figured out the originals but not the remix/bootleg, even messaged Lisa Pinup and she couldn't help!!
    4 mins, mix of Amen - Passion
    14 mins, mix of Da Hool - Love Parade
    24 mins, mix of Space Brothers - Shine
    27 mins, mix of Bass X - Hardcore Disco

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    1st one is V-I-Travis-P Danny Lister Vs KS1 - Passion Rebooted
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    3rd one is Bounce Generation - Shine

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    not sure about the hardcore disco rmx but Stompin System done one called Fireball

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    Yes!!! Legend.

    1 and 3 bang on, that last one is close but still prefer the version on the Pinup mix.

    I've asked in a few forums for ID of that Love Parade remix but nobody knows!!

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