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Thread: DJ Vibes Bouncy Techno/Happy Hardcore 98/99 IDs

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    Default DJ Vibes Bouncy Techno/Happy Hardcore 98/99 IDs

    Hi, would anyone know these 3 Vibes tunes? Thanks.

    Tracks at 27 & 43 mins:

    Track at 6 mins:
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    The Tracklist is on the post if you click the comments

    Last tune @ 43 = Dream Tripper - Meadowland (DJ Unknown Remix) [Fusion]

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    Thanks, I did check the comments for a tracklist but for some reason the comments are all invisible to me on this particular vid?? Could you possibly paste the other id from this set? I can see comments for the other vid but there's no tracklist given.

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    Typically that's the only one they haven't id'd

    DJ Kaos - Oceans Apart (Remix) [Go Mental Gold Series]
    DJ D'SKYS Feat. Monty, Stompy & Laura - Every Night [Genetic Recordings]
    Scott Brown - Rock To My Beatz [Evolution Records]
    DJ Kaos - Eternal Flame (Huxley & Kaos Remix) [Go Mental Gold Series]
    DJ Sniper & Phase - Fantasy [Sonic Boom]
    DJ D'SKYS Feat. Stompy - What A Feeling [Genetic Recordings]
    Q-Tex - Equazion Part 9 (Bouncy Mix) [Evolution Records]
    Innovate - You Make Me Free [New Essential Platinum]
    Dream Tripper - Meadowland (DJ Unknown Remix) [Fusion]

    Will ask a few ppl I know on FB to see if they know

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    Thanks! That one's got to be from the Evolution labels I reckon.

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