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Thread: Unknown hardcore mix 92/93

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    Default Unknown hardcore mix 92/93

    Hi All,

    I'd really appreciate some ids for the files below.

    The tracks came from a mixtape from 92/93...but I have no more details of the dj etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    id1 = DJ Hype - I Can't Understand It (Scratch The Fuck Out Of The Beginning Mix)

    id2 = SMF - Guillotine (Psychotic Mix)

    id3 = Stop Press - Helium (D.J Mercy Remix)

    id4 = Jack Horner - Untitled (A2)

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    Default Amazing!

    Thanks for the links Ethereal94. So great...

    I'm also trying to track down who was the DJ on the mix...any suggestions on the best place to put the mixtape incase others might like a listen?

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    Hi All,

    Here is the mix I'm tracking down on YouTube.

    A Jungle/Breakbeat/Hardcore mixtape from the 92/93 era. Only identifiable markings was "HC11" scratched into the tape

    With help from Nebkins and Ethereal94 I've sourced some tracks below. Any further ids would be very much appreciated.

    Would love to know who the DJ was!

    Terminate - FBD project
    I can't understand it (scratch...) - DJ Hype
    Unknown 1 - FBD project
    Skratchadelikizm - Sonz of a loop da loop era
    Guillotine (Psychotic Mix) - S.M.F
    DR JD - Stoned
    15:58 - Unknown
    17:24 - Unknown
    This Generation - Mind Penetration EP (remixes) - Addiction
    20:15 - Unknown
    DR Skuf - The more I get, The more I want
    23:45 - Unknown
    You don't know my heart - Mind Penetration EP (remixes)
    25:55 - Unknown
    28:04 - Unknown
    Vision - The Pharmacist
    Kev Bird - This is a trip
    Stop press - Helium
    39:00 - Unknown
    Untitled 2 - Jack Horner
    44:10 - Unknown

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    I think you overestimated the tunes played on this tape.

    I cant hear any different tunes at 15:58, 17:24, 25:55, 28:04, 39:00 to the ones listed already.

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