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Thread: Vocal Bassline ID Help

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    Default Vocal Bassline ID Help

    The track i need was played on either Phat Fingerz 10 or 12 and has a beautiful vocal in it sounding like "but my doors will show you out" and "why did you bring me so much pain" . A lovely melodic uplifting vocal and tune, then drops in to a mean bassline.

    Any info help would be amazing as ive been after this one for quite some time now.

    Thank you

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    Hello - Sadly this is not the tune I am after - although this one you have sent is very good sadly it isnt the one :-(

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    This is the tune right?
    Phat Fingerz Vol 12 @ 1:03:58

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    Well well well that's the one mate ! wow! been after that for many years ! Do you know it's full I.D ? well done for that mate massive find !

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    Got there eventually.. by accident
    The tune id you've been longing for is called "Fine" by Bass Collective

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    impressive stuff mate, that is a massive find and thanks again for your help finding this gem for me.

    Perhaps you could help me with this one also ?:

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