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Thread: 80ies/90ies song clip duo with plague masks?

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    Default 80ies/90ies song clip duo with plague masks?

    Hello all,

    don't have a sample or anything else besides what I can remember, so years ago I watched a video clip with a male duo wearing the plague masks and that track was definitively from the 80 or 90ies era. And towards the end they were deforming their masks and also they were many mirrors and reflections from the water in the clip.

    Any help is really much appreciated, and thank you all.

    Edit 1; It's unlikely its the Knife, as their music is much more electronic and new.

    Edit 2: And I also remembered part of the lyrics "looking for a place to go" and an instrument similar to the saxophone was heavily used. The band in question had a music style close to Johnny Hates Jazz.
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    You googled on 'Beak nose' + video clip?

    perhaps it pops up..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUNKERHEADZ View Post
    You googled on 'Beak nose' + video clip?

    perhaps it pops up..
    Thanks for that suggestion but nothing turned up, and added parts of the lyrics of what I could remember in the first post.

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