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Thread: Carl Cox Live at Electric Circus TV 2001 Tracks!

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    Default Carl Cox Live at Electric Circus TV 2001 Tracks!

    Hi all, i've been trying to ID all tracks played in this short clip from Carl Cox set at Electric Circus Canada back in 2001.
    If anybody knows any these tracks, please share the name, will greatly appreciate it, link is below

    00:00 ?
    04:15 - Mango Boy - If It Ain't Broke - Mango Boy Records
    06:40 ?
    08:15 ?
    10:30 ?
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    What's up Richard!
    It's Paul
    Tracks after Mango Boy is -

    Mr. G - Take a Toke
    Bryan Zentz - Algebra (Intec Records)
    & At the last couple seconds he is putting in Valentino Kanzyani - Fever (Intec Records)

    I don't know the very first track thats playing while he's talking..
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