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Thread: This is a long shot

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    Default This is a long shot

    I'm not sure what genre the track I'm after is classed as

    Back in 1994 I used to love a certain time.
    It was around the same time that Origin Unknown​ came out with Valley of the Shadows.

    My recollection is proper vague.

    I would say it's drum and bass.

    It featured a tune played with a pipe, almost like a bamboo pipe not bagpipes or pan pipes.
    It then broke and had a girl singing (speeded up) with the lyrics ( probably way out here )
    "If you ever, find the love forever, girl you ought to think of backing out and when you get bored in your ship" which then repeated.

    I could sing it and hum the pipe tune but the lyrics are probably waaaayyyy out. I'm desperate to find this tune 😂😂
    Sorry it's vague but worth a punt.

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    Can you record yourself humming the tune? Sort of feels familiar.

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