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Thread: Dnb ID's 1996-2001 Playlist

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    Default Dnb ID's 1996-2001 Playlist

    I'm looking for 60 (!) track id's from 1996-2002!

    Some of these Drum&Bass tracks seem to be unreleased and others are supposed to be produced by Ray Keith or Mampi Swift.
    So i hope you guys have time to listen to them and can help finding some of these wicked tunes.

    Sorry for the bad quality of some clips. They're ripped from different tapes with MC's for about 10 years ago. As i even sent CD's to people back in the day to find the tracks, some clips are quite short as well.

    The last 9 tracks in the list are from 2009-2011 and definitely unreleased :/

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    2nd on an ID on these TUUUNES
    Come, Fly The Teeth Of The Wind. Share My Wings

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