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Thread: Mid 90's breakbeat tune off e.p

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    Default Mid 90's breakbeat tune off e.p

    Hi ..this is off a record i had,its a 4 or 5 track release,not a white,with a simple 2 swirl design in black on the record label and running through the middle hole. theres lots of printed text ,and swirls are black on a white background and divide the label into kind of quarters. says its from somewhere in Yorkshire UK on the label i think Bradford/Wakefield,maybe Leeds). mid 90's Sasha type mellow breakbeat tune,cant remember what the rest of the ep was like,but this is the track im looking for.its an independant label,dont think i ever saw another release on same label, it also has the Nikolai 'ready to flow' sample in it a couple of times.


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    heres the link again....anybody id it for me please?? somebody must know it!!!

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