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Thread: Happy Feelings - Mystery Tune 1996

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    Default Happy Feelings - Mystery Tune 1996

    A bit of backstory- I was looking for a tune that turned out to be "Happy Feelings" by ATB (thanks DJ Andy!) but when looking on youtube i found this tune which I also like under the name "Happy Feelings" as you can see people are debating there what kind of mix it is. My personal feeling it is a misprint on the CD. Starts with the sample "One minutes 45 seconds, coming up on go-no-go. Columbia, you're negative seats."
    Anybody has any idea?

    Youtube Link:

    Cogs Link:
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    Default Solved

    I finally verified the tune to be Happy Feelings (Riu Palace Summer '96 Version)
    It can be found on the following release [JMG Productions]
    The version on this disc is ~1 minute shorter, but it's the official release, as sample can be heard on this site:
    Sequential One — Happy feelings
    Here is what it says on the site:
    "Where to look for alternative versions
    The summer version of 96 is one of the rarest reworkings of Sequential One. You can find a mix only on a mini-collection with the long title "Riu Palace - Volume II - The 1996 Tower of power DJ-team". He was never sold officially, but only distributed in Spain at the same event on the island of Mallorca."
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