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    Default Unknown Tune

    Any help with this one please? Sorry for the poor quality was a live set. Much appreciated.
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    +1 for finding this track. Got a Liquid DnB feel to it. That baseline is very reminiscent of DJ Demo's late 90s happy hardcore stuff.

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    Think Andy-C was playing the track??

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    Ok, found the leading track: Sub Focus - Airplanes. Not found the tune itself yet....
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    Good news and bad news...

    Good news, I found it. It is:

    Andy C - Indestructible

    There are a few clips on Youtube of it, usually mixed with Major Lazer's Lean On. A couple of versions have vocals by Becky Hill. So yay! Identified!

    Now the bad news, it still has not been released.
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    Thanks again Rhoobarb2005

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    Still not released, but here is a decent quality 50 second clip of it.

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    Sorry for late reply cheers mate, absolutely love this tune.
    hopefully he'll release it

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