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Thread: Unknown Trance Tune (fall 94 to early spring 95)

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    Default Unknown Trance Tune (fall 94 to early spring 95)

    Hello tuneID members!

    Looking for this unknown trance tune which was released somewhere between fall 1994 to early spring 1995. Had taped it from the late night college radio show "Unfortunate Sonic Casualties" hosted by Gerald Belanger on CKLN in Toronto, in early spring 1995.

    Anybody knows? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Cheers, TK
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    Default unknown trance tune

    I don't know that one. I used to listen to that show all the time, but had to throw out all of my tapes of USC. I'll never forget going to Gerald's modulations record store and picking up a copy X-313 - Spectra (

    Do you have any shows you could share from '94 or '95? Would love to hear some. I'm looking for a tune that was either before or after a Bjork "come to me" black dog remix ( that had some Indian female singer and it was trip hoppy. Never been able to find it! There was another couple of epic trance tunes that I would love to find as well.


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