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Thread: Popular breaks used in the 90's

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    Default Popular breaks used in the 90's

    These two breaks were used in quite a few electronic music tracks. The files I attached are examples of such samples.

    Here are the earliest appearances I've found:
    break1: 1993
    break2: 1995

    Thanks in advance.
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    break 1 sounds like "Plastic Jam" phased, layered with a heavy bass drum at the begining and a snare roll at the end.
    Plastic Jam Break Beats – Volume One (Labello Blanco NLB4 1993)

    break 2 sounds like "The Flow", pitched up and with a layered shaker.
    B-side of 12" single The Flow (R&S, RS 95070, 1995)

    These seem to be the origin tracks.

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