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Thread: "Imagine you soul in a dark room"

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    Default "Imagine you soul in a dark room"

    Anyone know what this is? Ambient music with these vocals of a lady speaking;

    Imagine your soul in a dark room
    Where there are red and blue lights
    Where your hearbeat is the rhythm of the base
    Where you can hear only music
    This music comes from paradise
    This music comes from your mind
    This music is love
    This music is ecstacy
    This music is ambient


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    Clip of it here
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    Did you manage to id it ?

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    This is:

    I was chasing this for years until i came across it just a few months ago . Out of interest cuchulainn, do you have a link to this Rez set that you heard it? I only know it from the Heaven mix, which i have spent years trying to finish the t/l -

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    What a find! Cheers spaceface

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