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    I'm off on a holiday for a month very shortly and it WILL be sunny. I'm hoping to get some nice fresh (but old) music together to enjoy while I'm there and I'd love it if you could recommend any particular favourites.

    Pre-92 or good 93 would be preferred but I'm open minded if it's good.

    As a guide, my favourite DJ is Vertigo, (I like Hippy Pigs, Just Dance, Better Days best), but also like La Morita and Soundwaves as an example.

    Favourite "tape" was probably Laurent Garnier @ Kaos 14 (aka DJ Vertigo & Laurent Garnier @ Shelleys 1992)

    I like 91 stuff but not too "light".

    I've already got got 808 State - Ninety and Vertigo - So Nice lined up (as you can guess, I've got serious gaps in my knowlege so assume I know nothing) as they've got quite a "sunny" feel to them.

    So any recommendations will be gratefully received!

    Think of it as a sort of Desert Island Tapes!

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    I probably made a bit of a mess of explaining that, so I'll try a different tack:

    What would you say is probably your favourite mixtape ever?

    I'd go for Hippy Pigs.

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    easygroove & lisa - fantazia nye 91

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