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    This is another from the same tape from the 90's. I know its the rampage tune but I can't figure out if that was part of the mix. It is quite a lively mix, with a lot of scratching so the rampage bit could have been used for effect. I just can't remember who the rapper is and again would like to know the tune id so I can try and source an original and to help with the digitising. Thanks for looking and listening.
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    what the name of this mixtape pleasee

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    Hi, the tape is something I did myself, taped directly from the radio back in the day. I love them so much im in the process of digitising them and want to buy originals of some of the tunes I didn't get back then. I have quite a few. The mixes were generally guest dj slots on the pirate radio shows. ive played them so much im worried about loosing them.

    Thanks for your help on the Godfather tune, one down two to go!

    Thanks Duchess

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