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    Default I'll take you there

    This should be an easy one. 1993 or 1992 Hardcore Breakbeat
    I'm sure that I got this one in my collection but I can't remember witch one it is.
    Vocal goes:
    "If you want to be free, come with me. If you want to go there, I know where, I'll take you there" repeating
    Then some piano
    Then piano + breakbeats
    "come with me, if you wanna be free. come with me, if you want extacy" repeating
    Then Force Mass Motion style theme
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    Turbulent (FreeParty)

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    Hi there, itīs a good one : Bizzi ‎– Gettin Bizzi E.P. (Part 1)

    but you have to pitch it much , that it sounds great

    I hope somebody will help me with my missing track ^^

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    You just made my day.

    And yes! It really needs a bit of pitching.

    Turbulent (FreeParty)

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