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Thread: PLEASE HELP a hip hop fanatic

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    I have been looking for the tile and group name for this since the 1990's. I taped it from a pirate radio station and only ever heard it once. It was part of a mix and the dj did not give any clues. I have tried dj's in America and England and no one can help. I would love to have purchased this but all I can say is thank god for pirates! Any clues? even Who would be a start.
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    It's Terminator X of Public Enemy fame. It's called "Juvenile Deliquintz" from his 1991 album In the Valley of the Jeep Beets.

    Here's a youtube clip of the video from the song. Hope this is what you were looking for!

    Terminator X - Juvenile Delinquintz [Explicit] - YouTube

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