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Thread: Minimal with sampled music from a Disney cartoon?

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    Default Minimal with sampled music from a Disney cartoon?

    Hello. Back in ~2006/2007 I heard a track on the radio, which contains a sampled bit of music (possibly) from a Disney cartoon. It may be Lady And The Tramp, but I'm not sure at all. It has a really tight beat and this violin/string theme repeating over and over again, and it is "cut up" and glitched once in a while, as far as I remember.

    I didn't manage to get the artist nor the title of the track, but I have tried to replicate the strings in Reason. It is attached to the post. I cross my fingers ...
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    Bumpity-bump? No one ever heard this?

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    Update! It seems to be from Hitchcock's Psycho, and that's definitely not Disney, haha. Jens used it in 1999 in his song "Psycho Strings" (, so we're getting closer... I don't know, though, if the song I'm looking for is a remix of Jens, or a completely different artist. I'll keep looking.

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