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Thread: Late 90s tunes...

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    Default Late 90s tunes...

    All played on Fabio & Grooverider show back in the day:

    Track 1



    Any ideas?

    Ta muchly
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    Ive just left a reply on the youtube vid, but just in case you don't see it, Track 3 is "Calibre - Last Man On Earth"

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    no its not.... nevermind :/

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    Im not sure if this will help or not, but in 1999 Calibre released "Loose Dragon ‎– Loose Dragon EP" under the alias of Loose Dragon... Could possibly be on there although cant find an audio sample to verify, apart from that & "Reflections/Last Man On Earth" it wouldn't appear that he did much until 2000, although might have been a huge delay in hitting release?

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    I bet that's it you know. I'll check it out--thanks! Fabio announced it as a Calibre tune but he (Fabio) used to be really lazy about checking release details and would often name the wrong EP, wrong label etc.

    Yeah there was a huge delay between Calibre first getting radio play and his tunes coming out but that seemed to be the story of DnB back then. Fabio and Grooverider had this tune and 'U make it hot' on heavy rotation in 1998/1999 and were constantly banging on about Calibre's amazing new debut album that was about to come out. It didn't get released till 2001! I remember Peshay's album came out about 5 years after first radio play. Dillinja's Cybotron EP took about 3 years from being rinsed in sets. Solid State's Just a Vision probably a couple of years. Thing is by the time the tunes came out they were no longer fresh. I moved away from the genre about 2001 so don't know if things got better...

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    Calibre - Queen of Angels

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    Quote Originally Posted by spOmes View Post
    Calibre - Queen of Angels
    Thanks for the suggestion, Spomes. I've listened to both that tune and the flipside here and neither sound like the one I'm after.

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