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Thread: That Piano tune from Solstice Rave 1992

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    Default That Piano tune from Solstice Rave 1992

    A re-upload of the unknown piano tune from the 1992 solstice rave in laxton. Since i heard this its drove me crazy. Can anyone ID the label from the youtube link.

    ''Listen to Me'' ''Baby YEAH, Love to me , Love to Me'' Unknown Italian Piano PLEASE ID! - YouTube

    I may even have the lyrics wrong. Always hard to tell with the Italian stuff.
    Looks like a full side of vinyl is the whole tune.
    Part 1 is 'inside' the booth, part 2 is the same tune but outside.

    Hopefully someone knows this! thanks

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    Anyone know how to get hold of 'DJ Jack' for this tune or even know him?
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    Still looking for this piano beast??

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    I remember this track from the video. To me it sounds like a UK production, as it is in a very similar early progressive style as Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Remix). I hear the vocal as 'You Can Be Free'. I'm certain that the first word is 'You' anyway, as when it is retriggered, you definitely hear an 'oo'. Ed

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    Mates via Facebook, doesn't have a clue what that tune is, plus is always the first to admit how f**king hopeless he is in remembering old tunes, all of 'em!
    Have bunged him a shed load of stuff in the past, pretty much all drew a blank!....
    Classic 90's Deep Underground U.S. House mixes
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    i must admit it is probably not italian more UK, i can almost hear it say, "Listen to this beat'' in part 1. Thompson twins is simialr beat. Might be something obvious but a really rare mix!

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    It also samples Sandee - Notice Me with the lyric 'Why don't you notice me like I notice you'. Don't know how useful that will be, but might jog someones memory. Ed

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    Can definitely hear sandee in the tune. Hey yeah..... notice notice me....instead of love to me?

    After quick search came up with :

    U-people : Why Don't You Love Me
    or Cyanide 45 : Notice me

    but its neither of these! getting closer though so thanks for the sandee connection

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    Solved Baby James - Notice me

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