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Thread: (Acid) Jazz tune ID?

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a tune which was played on a hip-hop radio show along with some hip-hop instrumentals and original rare groove tracks (i.e. tracks from the Ultimate Breaks and Beats, Strictly Beats or Feenin' Beats series). I would classify it as acid jazz but maybe that's incorrect. It is definitely sample-based jazz and sounds like it's from the early 90s.

    I identified two samples: the beat is from "Give It Up" by Kool and the Gang (sample loop is attached) and there is a sample from the 1953 recording The Quintet: Live at Massey Hall. That sample is of Charlie Parker saying the following: "At this time we would like to play a tune, it was composed by my worthy constituent, Mr. Dizzy Gillespie, in the year 1942. We sincerely hope you do enjoy 'Salt Peanuts'..."

    Any ideas of the artist and title? Also if this is in the wrong forum, mods, feel free to put it where it belongs.

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