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Thread: 90/91 Tune Samples The Mexican / Dreams of Santa Anna

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    Default 90/91 Tune Samples The Mexican / Dreams of Santa Anna


    I've been trying to ID this for ages. It's taken from a Carl Cox mix on Kiss FM in early 91. The tune drops between 2 Kilos? - Mohammeds Mind and Rhythm Masters - Dance You Got The Chance. It doesn't seem to be a mix of Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna, although it definately uses either the original Babe Ruth Mexican or the Jellybean Version; the guitar loop and "drums so loud from outside" sample and the B-line. It's a really well produced track and I can't figure out why I can't find it anywhere. I have uploaded the excerpt for your listening pleasure, it's the last track of this mix that I need to ID so your help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!

    coxy91_tuneID - YouTube

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