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Thread: Tony Humphries, Radio 1 Essential Selection, Fri 6 Nov 92

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    Default Tony Humphries, Radio 1 Essential Selection, Fri 6 Nov 92

    I've seen this on OSA with a few gaps, so presumably these tracks are not known but any help much appreciated. The mix from the Sunday to follow on a separate thread. Cheers.
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    2. ubq project - we can make it (one of my all time favourites)

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    Yeah, great track - thanks for ID.

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    7 = Club Ice - Manhassett at Discogs not sure which mix

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    Another great track - cheers.

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    The I Want You track is not long enough where can I find the mix

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    Ok thanks I'll check out where can I find the whole mix

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    Whats the track after Joey Washington Featuring The Mens Club ‎– Just Us (BOP To Da Track Mix)
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    Last tune no 8 is Loony Toony - The Right Size [Absolut Joy]

    Think its the small mix.

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    heres an update of the tracklisting

    Tony Humphries - Radio 1 (Hotmix pt1) Friday 6th Nov 92 (29min)

    1. [00:00] ? "dance to this" male/organ Masters At Work?
    2. UBQ Project feat Kathy Summer - We Can Make It
    3. The Sugarcubes - Leash Called Love (Tony Humphries Remix) [Elektra]
    4. Steve Harvey - Body And Soul (E-Smoove's Groovy Mix)
    5. Martha Wash - Carry On (Masters At Work Alternative Dance Mix) [RCA]
    6. Joey Washington feat The Mens Club - Just Us (BOP To Da Track Mix)
    7. Club Ice - Manhassett [Black Market International]
    8. Loony Toony - The Right Size (Medium Mix) [Absolut Joy]
    9. Madonna - Fever [Maverick]
    10. The Reese Project - Miracle Of Life (briefly)

    heres download links for both tony humphries hot mixes

    Pete Tong Essential Selection - 1992-11-06 - Tony Humphries (Hotmix pt1)
    Pete Tong Essential Selection - 1992-11-08 - Tony Humphries (Hotmix pt2)

    Tony Humphries - Radio 1 (Hotmix pt2) Sunday 8th Nov 92 (28min)

    1. Sounds Of Blackness - Joy (Momo Def Version)
    2. Bass Hitt feat Dreamgirl Veee - UK One Day (That Over Night Thang Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
    3. Sandy B - Feel Like Singin' [Nervous Records]
    4. Taiti - Somebody Loves (Club M.F. Version) [Atmo]
    5. [12:00] ? jazzy/male scat/double bass
    6. Michaelangelo - Happy [Black Male]
    7. Uncanny Alliance - I Got My Education (Masters At Work Dub)
    8. Tyrrel Corporation - One Day (One Dub Mix) [Cooltempo]
    9. Fingers - Dead End Alley [Black Market International]
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    Does any one know what version of Club Ice is being played

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Smith View Post
    Does any one know what version of Club Ice is being played
    Dave, with all due respect, do you ever search around long enough after someone has given you the ID to a song to find out which mix it is?

    If you google "Club Ice Manhasset" you will not only find links where you can listen to some of the mixes, you can actually buy the 12" record on Discogs.

    For instance, you can buy the white label promo here:

    In that same link to Discogs are Youtube files where you cna hear different mixes, including the Larry Heard "Space Mix" which is what I believe you are looking for - here is that youtube link:

    What we used to do back int the day when we found out about a song we liked, we just bought it to have it. Didn't squabble around which mix - we wanted all the mixes.

    If you're too cheap to want to buy the vinyl, rip an inferior mp3 of it from Soundcloud - link here:

    Now do you see how easy that is?

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    Will I figured it out after listening to the mix as the sample was not that long
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    Part 2 of the mix at the 10:20 mark is this Taiti - Somebody Loves (Club M.F. Version)

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