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Thread: Unknown Old Skool

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    3 yearly bump

    I am pretty sure it is from the Detroit era so late 80s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pluto View Post
    You're welcome mate.
    Try this and the original mixes as well.

    Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* - Time To Express (Vinyl) at Discogs

    I still think Pluto got the nearest to date. Ive looked at remixes and such and on and lots of Eddie Flashing Folks stuff. Still no luck but surprisingly very similar.

    Note in the track I am after the snare drum break follows (IE changes pitch) the bass line on the fills.

    I'm thankful for any help as I have been for decades

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    BUMP and its a free service, NO REWARDS, ta
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    I'm getting Adamski Killer from it -
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    Erm, yeah, thanks.... But its def not killer, or another top 10 pop chart hit.

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    Try this list, most likely its there

    Old Skool Anthemz


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    Hi mate,

    Great list. I dont suppose you have a you tube channel where all of these are in a playlist? Theres 1000 tracks to go through. I'll gladly do it but looking for the easiest way ha

    For whatever reason Discogs youtube vids often wont play for me. If I can go to actually You tube and go down a playlist be really helpful.

    Thanks for the link

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