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Thread: 15 Trance/EuroHouse Trackz 1995-2000/2002

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    Default 15 Trance/EuroHouse Trackz 1995-2000/2002

    I hope you can help me with at least a few of these trackz! Some have very explicit vocals, so they should determine the title, but I couldn't allocate them to an artist

    ID82-84 are from the 5 Years Party of Sunshine Live, mixed by CJ Stone (82) and Mario Lopez (83,84) in 2002
    85-86 are taken from DDC Hitmixes by DJ Digress in 1999/2000

    Here the trackz as RAR

    And the list with direct links:

    OldID 23 Rene & Peran - Give It To Me
    OldID 26 The Web - You're My Religion
    OldID 28 -------------------- "Stay With Me" [ca. 1995]
    OldID 30 -------------------- "This is my House" / "House Music" well known Vocals, recorded in 98-2000 maybe from the Love Parade
    OldID 32 Airtribe - Sunflower
    OldID 35 -------------------- Trance [ca. 1997-8]
    OldID 36 Ingo Boss - Little Eternity
    ID 82 -------------------- hard, evil Bridge! Phaaatt track
    ID 83 -------------------- "Total Confusion" Hardstyle with piano
    Id 84 Sensation - The Anthem 2002 [Johan Gielen Mix]
    ID 85 Yves DeRuyter - Factor Y [DJ Mellow D Remix]
    ID 86 -------------------- There's only "Accuface - (Don't Try) The Apprehendum" but can't find a mix, that fits. But Digress played this one 3-4 times in his DDC Hitmixes!

    Thx in advance for any hint!! I believe in you! :gsmile:
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