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    Default Track ID's REDUX

    For the first two, I had snippets posted before; these are longer clips of the songs in the hopes to facilitate identification

    From 1986 - I know that the song before it is Subject "Celebrate"

    From 1986

    From 1992

    From 1998

    This is Eternal "I Feel The Earth" the Knuckles/Morales remix - has this ever been released?

    From 1998 - Revival 3000 "Keep On Singin" - has this ever been released?

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    From 1992

    Just come to find out that this song is Helen Bruner "What I Need." It's a song she wrote and produced that was to come out on her album/CD on Cardiac/Virgin back in 1992 but the label never released the album/CD (thanks to Helen for providing me with this information).

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    will that eternal tune is the nuts, im gonna do some digging around and see what i can find

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    Thirteen years later:

    KISS02 = Kelly Charles "Let's Make Love"

    Revival 3000 "Keep On Singin" is on a Tape To Tape acetate that I actually managed to get.

    KISS01 and KISS04 I am still after.

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