i am looking for a mix of brandy's 'best friend'
the tune is a heavily jungle-influenced uk garage remix, possibly by large joints and definately on independent white label/obscure underground label.

the tune was played on the underground pirate radio circuit in london, mainly during the winter of '98/'99 and uses a caustic jungle break with lots of cool filtering of brandy's vocals and a few dancehall style mc samples in the backround.

the tune is NOT the large joints mix released in '99 with the full on/hands in the air mixes, it is not the large joints 10" 'dub plate' or the version on the b side of the large joints janet jackson tune. i know this as i have been tirelessly searching for this tune and have accumulated the entire large joints catalogue 98-2001 in the process!!

can anybody help me find a copy of the f##ked up uk garage mix of brandy's best friend 98/99 on vinyl??