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    Hi everyone,
    Had this track for ages but have never known what it's called... Been trying to find out for ages and someone just told me about TuneID so I thought I'd have a go... It's from a DJ Hype set on Fantasy FM from 1990 and also a Frankie Bones set at Amnesia from the same year... I'd be very grateful if anyone could help, it's been driving me up the wall!
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    Default boo yah

    Don't worry about it actually!

    Was browsing through some of the other threads and found it and it had already been identified!

    I'm happy.

    Just in case you were wondering, it was Juno - Sould Thunder

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    Apologies for not replying, thats a piss easy ID as well

    Check out the other stuff on that label bud, Unit 93 - Trust No One and Ital Rockers - Ital Anthem

    Both winners

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