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Thread: Digweed 30 Min Hot Mix - Circa 1994

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    Default Digweed 30 Min Hot Mix - Circa 1994

    Has anyone ever heard a half hour essential selection hot mix Digweed did on Radio 1 around about 1994? I remember it vividly, but haven't seen it on Soulseek or anywhere else.

    From memory, L'Homme Van Renn - Real Love Thang was on it, and I think he finished with this amazing Dutch white label - surging progressive trance. Think it was called 'The White Man' - know that and the Van Renn sound similar, but think it was on there.....

    Anyone else even remember this mix? Have trawled the web, but seen no evidence of it anywhere...................

    Wicked mix BTW, I should mention!! Any info gladly appreciated............

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    yeah i remember this.....i was in a car with my mum and sister - i wanted to listen to it and they hated it and demanded i turn it off.....

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    This was the 'White Man' track:

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    sounds interesting, im surprised it was broadcast on radio 1 & nobody has a recording of it !!!

    ive got most of the radio 1 hot mixes but never heard of this one

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