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Thread: Sorry no clip! '88/'89 us vocal house track

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    Default Sorry no clip! '88/'89 us vocal house track

    Happy new year everyone :d

    i'm looking for the name of a late 80's sounding us vocal house track i did know but once again i've effin forgotten and can't find it on youtube! I heard it on a hacienda tribute mix on soundcloud, i think it was by the leeds dj buckley, but that mix has vanished, as they sometimes annoyingly do.
    Anyway, it's an old school us house female vocal, pretty slow bpm... And it goes 'flashbacks, every time i hear the music, flashbacks, when we used to (something?), don't stop the music, don't stop the music, don't stop the music 'cause the music is groovin'.

    Reminds me a bit of that jilian mendez tune from '89...

    Any help appreciated!

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    Update - I've found it

    Maureen - Don't Fight The Music (12" Vocal Club Mix)
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