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Thread: Top Buzz Eclipse BFTP 8

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    Default Top Buzz Eclipse BFTP 8

    Anyone knock up a tracklist for this one? Cheers

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    These tape packs were just hour long versions of the full 90 min tapes. This one is Top Buzz Eclipse 2

    Top Buzz

    Noise Factory Box Bass (Dubplate Mix)
    Science Lab Flesh & Blood (Atmo Mix)
    Intellectual Harmonious Sanction Drift & Dream
    Turntable Terror Scream (Bonustrack)
    Doctor Of Dance Doctor Of Dance Theme
    Tekno Too Jet-Star
    Kings Of Peace 1000 (Peak Energy Mix)
    The Raid Jump Up In The Air
    Psychotic Psychotic (Hypnopulse Mix)
    Red Shift The Tingler
    One Tribe Is This All (Instinctstrumental)
    Co Dependents Of Knowledge Silk Cut (Extra Mild Mix)
    Trance Trax A-Cone
    Nautilus Terror
    Daydreamer Happy Dreams (Atmos Mix)
    Shoot The Moon Technophobia (Tuff Mix)
    Vitamino What I've Got (Club Dub)
    The Psychopaths Nightmares
    Music Freak Untitled (A)
    Jack Smooth The Running Status
    Underkut Both Ends
    One Tribe Inimitable Attitude
    Epitome Of Hype Ladies With An Attitude (Club Dub)
    Clubland Pump The Sound (Like A Megablast) (Thrash Dub Treatment)
    The Vision Crush, Kill, Destroy
    B.O.O.M. Boom (Boom Beats)
    Jack Smooth Feel The Beat
    Axe Corner " Bad - SLD"
    Defcon Dread At Controls
    Angel Ice Je N'Aime Que Toi
    Lloyd Owes Me A Packet The Pounder

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    Cheers nebkins

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