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Thread: It reminds me of BBE - 7 Days

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    Default It reminds me of BBE - 7 Days

    I'm sure this is quite mainstream but I can't quite place it. From a mix set on Cool FM 22 Feb 97:

    like bbe_.mp3

    These were also from the same set. I recognise them, so I'm guessing theyre fairly easy/main stream.. Amazed I couldn't turn up any llyrics for the "close my eyes" "count to ten" "suddenly i'm dreaming" one - my Google-Fu must be waning

    close eyes count ten_.mp3
    like ytraxx mystery land_.mp3
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    The only track i know which has the I Close My Eyes Vocal is this
    ,,``FrTi_HЩr ``,,

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    The close my eyes track is "X-Avia - Dreaming (Dex & Jonesey rmx)".

    Not sure about the rest, would love to know the unknown 2 track though...

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