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Thread: ID for 90s Drum & Bass tune

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    Default ID for 90s Drum & Bass tune

    I heard on a mixtape. It was a four cassette Quest/Fibre Optic set from the 90s. The box has the same look as "Quest & Fibre Optic – The Promised Land Part 1" and "Quest & Fibre Optic – The Promised Land Part 1" box, but it is a different set. I have both of these unknown sets.

    DJ Nexus starts the set, with a tune the has a piano beginning. I only time I hear this track was on another mixtape set where the DJ (if I remember it was a known Happy Hardcore DJ at the time) played Mike Slammer "In Effect" then that track.

    Here's how the feel of the track went through the song"

    Boom-boom-boom-boom, boom
    Boom-boom, boom boom-boom

    Has the same feel as the bassline

    Intro piano:
    Has the same feel as the synth

    No vocals or samples, except a "yeah"

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    Kings Of The Jungle Volume 5
    One Nation 'The Birthday Ball' 3rd Dec 1994

    DJ Seduction
    5:55 is the start of that track
    9:05 is the end of that track
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    Mad Dog - Rumbled (Mad Dog Remix)

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    That might be it. Thank you.

    The other remixes have that similar elements to it.

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