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Thread: [Hard Techno] Aphex Twin - Coachella - 2008

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    Default [Hard Techno] Aphex Twin - Coachella - 2008

    Hello everyone, I just discovered this forum so forgive me for any rule breaking (even after reading the rules).

    This song has alluded me for quite some time. I believe it to be hard techno but could be wrong. It was played in 2008 by Aphex Twin at Coachella. He tends to play artists from the UK but could definitely be German considering the Hard Techno part.

    Let me know if you have any insight on the track below. Thanks!

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    Don't know it. Could be on Tortured, perhaps. The sound quality is pretty bad, so it's hard to say.
    I try to help where I can, please help me in return.

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