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Thread: DnB from around 2000

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    Default DnB from around 2000

    For quite a while I've been trying to ID the attached track, without success. Does any you know what it is?

    In the early 2000s I had this song as an mp3 on my computer. Then I burned it on an audio CD and lost the mp3. Recently I ripped the audio CD back to my computer, but I am unable to figure out what the artist and title were. All other songs on the audio CD were from the 1999 album "Essential Drum & Bass 2", but unfortunately this one wasn't. It wasn't on any other volume neither. It's probably pretty close in terms of age and genre. Usually Picard (AcoustID) can figure theses songs out, but this time it couldn't. All the online music identifiers also fail on this song, and so do several other forums. I'm running out of options.

    As the attached file is compressed down to fit in 1MB, it sounds like crap. A high quality version is available at:

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