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Thread: Chris Liberator @ North NSA 6 [Acid Techno] ID

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    Default Chris Liberator @ North NSA 6 [Acid Techno] ID

    Hi there,

    i had a good experience the last time I posted an ID here for a Dolphin Hard Trance tune when some kind fellow solved it so I thought I'd give this one a shot too. The driving mechanised banger at 29mins on this Chris Liberator North (NSA 6) set, sandwiched between "Poison In The Machine" and Barbed Wire 303". The acid very much takes a back seat and there are some spoken samples which i can't really make out no matter how many times I replay it but sounds something like "they used" "accelerator" and "alarming" but could be way off. I've gone through all the usual suspects with no joy but may have missed something glaringly obvious or there was simply no clip available.

    As always any help/pointers/clues are greatly appreciated and thanks for taking a listen.

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    No idea.
    I try to help where I can, please help me in return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cthulhu303 View Post
    No idea.
    Cheers for having a gander anyway mate. Sounds quite pitched up to me, not that it helps in anyway

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    just giving this a bump

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    you legend mate, much appreciated! I wasn't holding out much hope with having to bump it and a '98 Cluster, don't know how I missed that. Thanks again and nice review btw.

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