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Thread: DJ Sy & DJ SS @ Pandemonium J-Jays early '92

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    Default DJ Sy & DJ SS @ Pandemonium J-Jays early '92

    Good Morning,

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find tracklists for both SY & SS - early '92 @ Pandemonium J-Jays. Can anyone assist please?

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    DJ Melody

    Masters At Work Justa "Lil" Dope

    DJ Sy

    Rebel MC Rich Ah Getting Richer (Orchestral Mix)
    DJ's Unite Volume 1 (A)
    Acen Close Your Eyes (The Sequel) (Remix II)
    DJ DD Hass & X-10-CIV Hi Tec Muuusic
    Tronik House Up Tempo (Groove Rider Remix)
    After Dark Cardiac (Crack Of Dawn Remix)
    Timebase Feat. Kromozone Unity
    Daydreemer Show Me
    The Clepto-Maniacs Positive Feedback (Climax Mix)
    2 Housers X T C I Love You (Trip Mix)
    Phenomania Who Is Elvis? (Mani Rave Remix)
    Leo Anibaldi Rhythm
    M-D-Emm Get Down (Hands In The Air Mix)
    Manix Oblivion (Head In The Clouds)
    Noise Factory Bring Forward The Noise
    Audio Assault Party Time
    Orbital Chime (Ray Keith Mutation)
    After Dark Come With Me Tonight (Midnight Mix)
    One II One I Want You (Manix Remix)
    Bass Construction Get One The Move
    DJ's Unite Volume 1 (B)
    M Double A Move Your Body
    Raging Rockers Kounter Act
    Speshal K Sing Hallelujah (Barking Mix)
    Hackney Hardcore Dancehall Dangerous (Version 2)
    Frequency Sky Is The Limit
    Vision Masters & Tony King Featuring Kylie Minogue Keep On Pumpin' It (Astral Flight Mix)
    Liquid Sweet Harmony (Original Mic)
    Low Noise Block Rave In The Bedroom Part 2
    Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer (Housequake Mix)
    DJ DD Hass Who's Hous'N? (Mix 1)
    Timebase Feat. Kromozone Fireball
    Blame Music Takes You (Seal Vocal Mix)
    MI5 Money Go Round
    T.F.O. Technoforte (Exit One Mix)
    N-Joi Mindflux

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    Massive apologies. I completely forgot to search here! When I Google searched, should it have picked up Tuneid? Thank you once again

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    you can always use the search string to include at the start (like this) dj sy pandemonium

    This returns these results

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