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Thread: 1993 Grooverider track "XTC Will Blow Your Mind"

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    Default 1993 Grooverider track "XTC Will Blow Your Mind"

    HI dudes,

    Can anyone ID a track played by Grooverider at Rezerection on 23/10/1993.

    It's a stompy, with a breakbeat and s speeded up "XTC Will Blow Your Mind" vocal and a hard breakdown ?

    Clip here >


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    It’s a mystery this track, there’s numerous threads been created over the years. To me is sounds like an import, but also has the riff of an old pascal and sponge tune.
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    I had a gig with Mr Grooverider on Saturday and had no clue what this was

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    Bummer��. That whole set is just a weird one for him. It’s all euro imports. I’d put money on it being some weird Italian white label, or somebody in London taking pascals riff and doing a dub plate and it’s now one of grooves famous lost in time Dub plates.

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